Not much time to write right now

Daughter’s 18th birthday has come and gone and her huge party is on Saturday. There was an evening in the local pub, involving all of my outlaws, which definitely has to be written about later, when I have time.

Work is kicking my backside and I am so, so tired.

Added to which it is the feral time of the month again, where I freak out, cry a lot and try to avoid having anything, including material, touch my breasts. I do NOT like early onset menopause.

Not helping is the fact that right now I need Boyfriend to be very proactive for me; the crazy comes out and I need him to recognise that and be around, otherwise I start imagining and taking slights. It does take a little extra effort on his part but right now I feel so lonely, unattractive and unwanted. Also, whiny. I’m sure nobody would have picked up on that.

Hopefully this will all be better next week, once the feral phase has gone and the party is over, but right now I am very anti everybody and everything in my life.

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1 Response to Not much time to write right now

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I am so sorry, Kitty. Sounds like a difficult time, and moving to a new blog is not easy either. I am glad you are here and I send hugs your way.

    My blog is and my “inbox” is


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