I just got an email from an old friend, wondering where I was. I appreciate the concern. I haven’t been around at all, let alone trying to figure out this site.
I am paraphrasing what I wrote to her, so that I can go back to sleep.
I’ve just been really busy,worked the last 12 days straight. Also, Daughter number 2 got the flu, BF was sick too and I’ve been part of the walking wounded, working every day with fevers, shakes and loss of voice, coughing etc, because there was no backup. At night I’ve come home and gone straight to bed. Cooking, cleaning and laundry just haven’t been done, let alone online life. I’ve logged onto email once a day just to print off my manifests and thats it. There’s a whole pile of emails I haven’t even opened because I can barely function enough energy to deal with the most important stuff (work).
Day off today and I am sleeping all day. Got out of bed to have a cup of tea and then straight back in. Door person was supposed to come today but cancelled and I am glad since I had planned to clean and do laundry while he was installing so I didn’t look like a lazy slob and now I don’t have to. Just as well; I took my temperature (been avoiding doing that the last ten days, under the premise that if I didn’t know for sure that I was sick, via empirical evidence rather than the cold sweats, heat flushes, lung function decrease, blinding bodily aches etc, then I wasn’t and I might as well suffer through it at work and get paid for it) and its 38.2. Hmm, I’ve grown immured to a certain level of feeling crappy, it appears.
More bed.
(PS I apologise to all members of the public that I have inadvertently given my germs to. Yes, I know I should stay home if I am sick and that it is very inconsiderate of me to infect others. But, quite frankly, I don’t really know you and given a choice between saving your health and me saving my house, I am always going to pick me. Don’t like it? Well, don’t go on tours then, where the workers are paid minimum wage, with no tips, and no benefits, leave, overtime or sick pay.
PPS I’ve still managed to get extremely good trip reports, in spite of it all. Goes to show that I am a very good actor. Nobody even picked up on the day that I had a sidesplitting headache, causing me to leave the bus at various intervals to throw up behind the rear tire. I at least didn’t let anybody kiss me goodbye that day.)
Back to bed. I am so sick of feeling unwell.
Sorry; I am hoping for feeling more like my old self too.
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2 Responses to Sorry…

  1. Snowy says:

    Was wondering where you’d got to. Hope you’re all back to good health soon.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Get well soon!! Sounds like you have been around a lot of sick people and now have picked up the germs yourself. Hang in there!

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