Well, damn

Sorry I haven’t written much. Life rather overtook me. Two out of the three parents are favourable with their health issues.

  • My stepdad has prostrate disease (not cancer) and will need an operation. He has had nasty invasive procedures , a kind of rotor rooting of the penis. (I shuddered writing that so I hate to think of what he had to go through).
  • My mum has non-infectious tb and is on steroid and antibiotic treatment. She can breathe better now and is looking so much more her usual self.
  • My dad is having his tumour excised this week. Then we shall know if it has spread into the lympthatic system and what further treatment he will require.


As for me, I’ve applied for lots of jobs and worked two days last week. Then, Sunday morning, I woke up with a very sore right knee. It was swollen and excruciating painful. I didn’t like the thought that I was at that age now where I can hurt myself just by sleeping but sucked it up like a big girl. I RICEd the hell out of it and didn’t move all day.


I thought maybe the driving the day before had caused it, because it has been a few months since I’ve driven a bus. I googled a little and tentatively diagnosed it as bursitis but, really, all you can mostly do for knee injuries is what I was already doing and it was too expensive for me to visit the doctor.


However, it didn’t get better and I started thinking maybe ‘insect bite’. Some family members (oh, alright: all of them) told me to go to the doctor but I am a firm believer in giving your body time to get better on its own. Plus which, money etc. Annoyingly, I’ve missed out on two job interviews and two days of work because I can’t drive. I can’t even really walk.


Then, today, I found that I had one more day of pay that had come courtesy of Big Name Travel so I decided that I would go. I have four days of work booked next week, driving bigwig dignitaries around for CHOGM and I need that money so I need my knee to be healed. It wasn’t healing itself so maybe some doctor intervention required.


Turns out that the doctor thinks I have septic arthritis. He wanted to put me straight into hospital for IV antibiotics but I nipped that one in the bud. We have compromised and I have started some very strong oral ones, which will start to make me sick in approximately two hours. I also have to go back lots and have very large needles to aspirate out the fluid from my knee. You know; the sort of procedure where the doctor says ‘you’ll feel a little discomfort and some pressure’, aka this is going to make you scream loudly.


Well, damn.


I am so immensely irritated at my stupid body. I am also in a state of not feeling well, at all. The pain is/has been very intense but I am now on strong painkillers, so that is better. Loopy but better. I’ll look forward to dumping the low grade fever, too.


I do not need this. Not now, not when I am unemployed and looking for work. Also, every damn person is saying ‘I told you to go to the doctor’ and that is even worse! I hate being wrong.



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