I did go to the doctor

In fact, I went twice.


The first time he looked at it, signed me up for ultrasound, x-ray and blood tests and gave me a repeat prescription for some very strong antibiotics. I couldn’t drive myself to the scans (I could barely walk but luckily the doctor is only, literally, across the road and I can hobble 50 metres) so I had to put them off for a few days until I could arrange somebody to take me.  He also diagnosed either bursitis or septic arthritis, as I had suspected. Mentioned hospital.


(No. I hate hospitals. They involve so many bad periods of my life that just come back to haunt me whenever I am in one.)


 I had the blood tests done and went home to take the antibiotics. It started to look and feel much better; the redness dissapated, the pain got less. I cancelled the xray and ultrasound as I obviously was improving.  A good thing, too, because I had five days of work lined up for the next week.


I still didn’t feel well, however. And the fevers I had had never really stopped, although they never got very high. Nevertheless, I sucked it up and got all my papers ready, bought a plain white shirt (I was booked for driving for CHOGM – there is a huge list of requirements, due to security) and woke up the morning of the first day still feeling like crap.


Just before I was due to walk out the door my old boss (from SVT wine tour days – I was contracted through her company) texted me to say that I wouldn’t be needed after all, with much apologies for the late day. I was super pissed off, I can tell you, and then a relieved feeling crept over me. I could go back to bed, which I blissfully did. Not without making a doctor’s appointment for the afternoon.


A different doctor this time and he didn’t mince words. I was to go straight to the emergency department for an xray as they would be the only people open so late in the day. He said that if was septic arthritis I could lose the movement of my knee and that it would happen sooner rather than later.


I called long suffering boyfriend and waited for him to get off work and then take me to the hospital. I was envisaging a lond wait and just because I had to do it, I wouldn’t want anybody else to. I would call when I was ready to be picked up.


That never happened. Instead, I ended up admitted. They xrayed me, gave me pain medication…aahhhh….and aspirated my knee. Put this huge needle under the knee cap and scraped and sucked. It hurt so much that tears were running silently down my face and I was apologising for being a baby. At the same time, the cute young doctor doing the procedure was apologising for hurting me!


So for the last few days I have been having IV antibiotics every six hours and they were gradually making me better. I also had a consult with an orthopedic surgeon. The results were that it wasn’t septic arthritis (good) but a very uncommon form of bursitis (bad). I’ve since been discharged with SIX WEEKS of the antibiotic equivilent of napalm and I can’t bend the knee for a week. I am splinted up .


A recap: nasty painful health issue, can’t get around, can’t work, not a cent left in the bank.


I am feeling better, though.

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