I am happy

BF has moved in and, although the initial moving phase was grim, now it has happened we are happy. Well, I am and he appears to be.

It has been relatively seamless, like most of our relationship. Things seem to progress logically and the next stage doesn’t seem hard work at all. He and I met one Saturday on a first date, slept together two days later on the second date and were a habit by the third date, three days after. The next week he stayed at my place five nights out of the seven and that was the bare minimum for every week after that.

Now, nearly two years later, it seems so natural to be living together. In a  lot of ways it shouldn’t seem any different, seeing as how the actual contact hours we have with each other haven’t greatly increased, but it does. Our relationship seems deeper, more committed; even much happier if I even thought that was possible.

And more progressive.

I want to marry him.

I think he wants the same thing.

I think this is where we are going, even thought the timeline isn’t defined yet.

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4 Responses to I am happy

  1. Snowy says:

    So good to see that blog heading. Happy for you, Kitty.

  2. quirkycharm says:

    Thank you, Snowy.

    All of my family like him. Except my mother but she doesn’t really like any of my partners, It all stems back to a certain British upper crust antique dealer (“So suitable, darling!”) and nobody has measured up since.

    He is so supportive of me, in pretty much every way. I think I finally got it right.

  3. Suzy says:

    Yay! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  4. quirkycharm says:

    Thanks, Suzy. It seems very trite to say that this relationship is the happiest that I’ve ever had (after all, we all tend to think that about each new one at the start), but it feels true. This is the first equal relationship I’ve ever had, where somebody treats me with the respect I treat them. Which is not to say that this wouldn’t have been the case with Ron and I; just that we didn’t get a chance to test out the ‘happy ever after’ of that one. I loved him gloriously and engulfingly but we never got to the stage of oh-so-sweet content that is possible and which I am now experiencing for the first time ever.

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