I hate job interviews.

I currently have one in the next few days and I am so bothered about my appearance.

Basically, I am interviewing for a position that would require me to take on two different roles, at separate times. And (I think) the dress code is so different for each.

I need an outfit that says “I am incredibly practical and ready to knuckle down and solve basic mechanical problems”.

But I also need to wear something that says “I can be that incredibly groomed professional bitch, who sorts out other people’s problems”.

I can’t think of a middle of the road appearance that would do for both. Especially as I always have doubts (no matter how misplaced) about my ability to do either job well.

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3 Responses to I hate job interviews.

  1. Snowy says:

    It’s not your outfit that will knock ’em dead, it’s you. You’ve handled everything that life can throw at you. You’ll handle this too. Good luck.

  2. Cate Rose says:

    Ha! your problems is the clothes not the interview. I reckon you could talk your way into almost anything 😀 x

  3. quirkycharm says:

    Such nice sentiments from friends. Thanks, guys!.
    Happening tomorrow and I’ve gone with khaki linen pants, white tailored shirt, black belt, black ballerina flats, white pearl studs and black pearl necklace. Hair in a fancy braid.
    Incredibly nervous, as always.

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