I spent all day at the clinic

Worst possible outcome.

They want to treat it conservatively, which means I wear a splint for eight weeks. I can’t drive with a splint on as insurance won’t cover me. I asked about reconstructive surgery but even then I would still be splinted for the same length of time. So, of course I am going to choose the non-surgical approach. But get this: about a quarter of cases still end up needing surgery afterwards and another eight weeks of healing.

The company can’t hold my job for me and I think it unlikely I will be able to get any job. I can’t drive and office work is hampered because of the splint. Not to mention that most companies wouldn’t take somebody on who is already injured with an uncertain prognosis.

This is hitting me hard.


About quirkycharm

I like to think that I have a certain quirky charm but I am probably being optimistic. Acquired taste, perhaps, which many don't acquire. This is about my fifth blog out there. My hosting companies kept going out of business or my IT exhusband kept hacking into them and I would move again. I don't do twitter, I barely do facebook, I don't try and 'monetize' my blog. I love my husband, my grown children and my job and this particular incarnation of oversharing my life comes at a time when I am the most content that I have ever been. I write always, sporadically during the good stuff and exhaustingly during the bad.
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