My husband asked me to mention that the toilet is fixed

I only talked about toilet malfunction in the first place because it seemed to be one final ill-luck blow that was almost too much on that particular day. He felt that as well.

Luckily, I am married to a guy that is incredibly handy and he managed to fix it completely less than 24 hours later: he researched the problem, bought the part and installed it. Now we have a working toilet. It makes life a tiny bit better.

Actually, he makes life a hell of lot better all round. He bought me flowers to try and make me feel better when the full reality of my situation had sunk in and I was a blubbering mess. He assures me that my health is the most important thing (I had fleeting ideas of just taking off the splint and working anyway, which is legal, but which would result in a permanently flopped finger) and he reminds me that we’ve got through shitty situations before and it has just made us stronger as a couple. He basically just loves me, through and through.

I am so lucky to have ended up with this man.

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