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Good things

So, I am not working. I am trying to concentrate on the positive. I will at leastĀ be hereĀ  for my daughter’s 21st birthday and my husband’s the day before. I can plan celebrations and parties. Except it turn out that … Continue reading

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It has been a bad few days

I am not on tour. I don’t know when I will be on tour. I was all ready to go and then, four hours before I did my first bit of official work, I managed to snap the tendon of … Continue reading

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My father has been dead for about 18 months now and the reality of a world without him has become the new normal. I think of him often, both sadly and joyfully, but I don’t dwell on it any more. … Continue reading

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I am supremely happy in my later-life marriage but sometimes I think of the people who came before him and mostly, when I do, I think of the man who was my first husband. I was with him for such … Continue reading

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I hate being told that I am not capable of doing something, either because the person doing the telling can’t do it or just because I’m female. I get it a lot (implied mostly but at least once outright stated) … Continue reading

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Our Christmas camping holiday, part 4

We had arrived late afternoon, with just enough daylight left to set up camp. Come dusk and there was a hubbub of noise from so many little birds all around the area; I couldn’t identify the species but they were … Continue reading

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On old age

I walked into my bedroom, saw the bureau next to my bed, and mentally said “Oh, okay I need to google xxxxx so that I can do yyyyyy. This is important because I need to know xxxx in order to … Continue reading

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