Nasty mind picture

Today, driving back to Alice Springs on the third and final day of a tour, we came across the scene of an accident fairly soon after it had happened.

It was a single vehicle crash and obviously because of misjudgement of a curve at speed; the vehicle was compressed by the speed it had rolled over at, multiple times. We could see the road curve, the tyre marks and the bits of car that had been flung off, all over hundreds of metres.

A couple of people in oncoming traffic has flashed their lights at me and I’d assumed that my vehicle had a problem but when I pulled over to check and found nothing, I automatically assumed a problem ahead. Further down the road there was a man waving a stop sign and, when he was sure I had noticed him, he signalled me to go on, extremely slowly. So, we crawled on by.  I thought that the accident must have happened fairly recently because there were no police on site and the highway wasn’t closed.

I suspected the worst when I saw the tent setup at the side of the road and I immediately told my passengers not to look. There was an emergency responses (NT SES type people) vehicle on scene and a blue tarpaulin over the front half of the car.

What will stick in my mind, probably forever, is the image of the Asian girl running down the road screaming.

About quirkycharm

I like to think that I have a certain quirky charm but I am probably being optimistic. Acquired taste, perhaps, which many don't acquire. This is about my fifth blog out there. My hosting companies kept going out of business or my IT exhusband kept hacking into them and I would move again. I don't do twitter, I barely do facebook, I don't try and 'monetize' my blog. I love my husband, my grown children and my job and this particular incarnation of oversharing my life comes at a time when I am the most content that I have ever been. I write always, sporadically during the good stuff and exhaustingly during the bad.
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