I danced with a man…

Tidying up my drafts folder- wrote this ages ago

Who danced with a girl, who danced with the Prince of Wales. Yes, Edward 8th is the chap who an awful lot of young women were swooning over back in the day. Alas, he married a twice divorced American and abdicated his throne, rather than behave as the Prince Charming of every girl’s dreams.

Today I went to see the movie ‘The Danish Girl’ today with my stepmother. (If this seems a totally random segue, bear with me).

Thereafter followed a discussion of trans gendered people and intersex conditions and I was blown out of the water when J told me that our family archives had a letter from the Duke of Argyll to my grandfather (a medical doctor), stating that when Edward was born the doctors couldn’t tell whether the baby was male or female, due to its ambiguous genitalia.

As we all know, that baby grew up to become the male King Edward the 8th but some things could support the intersex theory.

Edward was rumored to have an incredibly small penis (this can occur in intersexuals).

He had a very androgynous appearance, being small and slight.

Wallis Simpson was said to have had a incredible sexual hold over him because she let him be himself in ‘unconventional ways’.

He never had children (most intersexuals are sterile).


This rumour isn’t prevalent at all amongst the myriad of discussion focused on Edward’s life. I did some basic internet research and in two hours, could only find two fleeting references, which surprised me. Why would a rumour that salacious not be part of the general field of public speculation constantly surrounding the Royal Family?Maybe not back then but certainly now.

Other, equally scandalous, ideas were given a lot of lip service. For example, the suggestion that the Duchess of Windsor could control her vaginal muscles so well, based upon the background training she had in the East, that she kept men in thrall to her – referred to as a ‘Shanghai Surprise’. Not true at all but great to gossip about.


Edward didn’t look particularly masculine. There were stories about him being homosexual but not any hard evidence to back it up. I would very much like to find that letter, if it exists; if it ever existed.




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