a couple of pics

This first one is all about the Australian habit of making big things. You know, the big pineapple, the big sheep, the big lobster…if a particular thing is associated with a region, then they advertise it by making a copy much larger than life.

monster croc

Except in this case, no. It is a true size copy of an 8.6 metre crocodile called Krys. A bit of a story here. This was in the little town of Normanton. Locals here have seen the slide marks of another monster croc about the same size and the local minister claims to have seen the beast but won’t disclose where because hunters would try and shoot it.

cobbold gorge.jpg

This is Cobbold Gorge and it is spectacular. We spent two days here, just before the tour finish, and it was an ideal way to relax after the long trip. We did 5634 kms total, in 17 days; 70% of that was on dirt roads.

More about Cobbold Gorge here: a fascinating story. itl.


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