I made the decision

I had ten days to decide and I couldn’t, just couldn’t,  choose between my current job and the new one. Then, suddenly,  on the last day before I had to commit, I found myself writing an email and saying yes to the new job. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

At the time, we were dropping in and out of phone range so I was to call the next day. Today. Which I did. Originally they told me that they needed me to commit to an Oct start, which had bothered me a little: it would have been  like jumping straight from a reliable husband’s bed into that of an unknown lover. But today I was told that  they needed to put a second guide on for next year and that, if I liked, me being the  primary candidate, I could choose my start date around March.

I should add that I’d told them about my brother so it seemed a good solution to agree that this March timeline would suit me better. Between October and March I would get the opportunity to go as a survey guide on some trips. To me, this is a brilliant opportunity to really see if I would be a good fit for the company, without jeopardizing my current job.it also means that I might be more around to help when it is most needed.

I love my current job so much and I don’t want to give it up but I sense the possibility that this new one would be even more fulfilling. I want to leave on good terms and I think that this way I probably can, as part of a natural fade down over the end of the season.


I am really excited about the new possibilities unfurling in front of me.

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