Sometimes the perks aren’t all that great

I had to escort passengers on a Barrier Reef experience out to Green Island. I loved the snorkelling last time and was eager to do it again.


Nope. I got so seasick that my passengers were looking after me! In my view, uncontrolled bodily fluids emissions definitely score you way down on the professional section of a trip report.

I counted them onto the boat ok but rapidly lost interest in their wellbeing after that. I’m pretty sure they all got onto the glass bottomed boat tour but I didn’t really care. I lay down on the beach and waited for the world to stop rocking.


Two hours lafer, a nice shade of tomato, I woke up just in time to get back on the boat and throw up some more on the return journey. For what it was worth, I contributed absolutely nothing to the well being of my clients.


Everybody thought it was extremely funny, including my colleague back on land. At one stageI believe I threatened to throw up on his shoes. I told him that I hated him. I think I even texted my boss to tell him that as well.


So, yeah. There are diamond days more frequently than not in the life of a tour guide but today was definitely stone.



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2 Responses to Sometimes the perks aren’t all that great

  1. Brad (Griff) says:

    Bugger. If I was still living up at Bloomfield, I’d have come down to visit 🙂

  2. quirkycharm says:

    Another time, another city? I travel a lot for work.

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