Birthday present from my husband

Yes, it’s a bidet. Or, more accurately, a bidet conversion kit.


This wasn’t a surprise gift: I’d asked for it, having wanted one for years ever since seeing them in Europe.

Very indulgent I know but this does all sorts of fancy things. I once saw the airport toilets in Hokkaido and they had all of the features mine has but with additional music and deodorizing options!


It also has a heated toilet seat, a feature I am currently appreciating the hell out of given that it is really cold here right now and that I am preparing for a colonoscopy.


You know what’s really sad about this gift? It’s that I  can’t share it with my brother. After he came back from Japan this last Christmas he raved about the toilets there and I  told him of the conversion kits and that I was asking for one for my birthday.  We decided I would get mine first and he would then choose his, based on the features he liked.


Well, that’s never going to happen. I don’t know if he’d even understand if I told him about it. He certainly couldn’t manage to operate it. It comes with a user manual that I am going to laminate and leave next to it for visitors.


Did I  say that I bought a laminating machine? Well, I did and I am running around happpily laminating everything portable. Useful for work stuff but really I just wanted one.


A laminating machine  and a bidet; not to everybody’s taste as birthday gifts but they make this girl happy.

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2 Responses to Birthday present from my husband

  1. Sarah Morris Adams says:

    I think it’s a great present! I am finally going to be getting a robot vacuum cleaner!!! Very excited…

  2. quirkycharm says:

    I love my roomba!
    As far as the bidet kit goes, it was installed just in time – I’ve been doing a colonoscopy prep and we all know what that means. There’s something incredibly luxurious about a heated toilet seat and it took some of the nuisance factor out of it all.

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