I’m tired and sore

I’ve just come off a three day fast for a colonoscopy (all good) and I feel really run down. All my veins ache and I’ve got bruises all over my arms, hands and feet; a legacy of the veins they tried, and failed, to get a drip started in. I’ve got difficult veins and when I’m dehydrated, they are nearly impossible to get a line into. They took about eight or nine attempts and all of us in the theatre were relieved when they eventually got one. At one stage I had four people slapping various appendages to try and make something stand out.


Then they gave me the twilight sedation and I was out. I don’t remember anything of the procedure but I figure that I must have been fairly awake at one point because afterwards they made me stay a lot longer than anybody else on the grounds that I’d had a huge amount of medication to keep me asleep. I wonder if I was chatty? I bet I was.

I slept all the rest of the day away and then the night but I had such weird dreams. This morning I went grocery shopping for the tour that leaves on Saturday: I bought $800 worth of food and I still haven’t finished. Vegies and bread tomorrow. At the end of that, my poor sore arm ached like a fiend. The doctor told me that it would be sore for a while so I am sometimes still slinging it and am back on the heavy duty meds, at least until Saturday.


Tonight is my nephew’s 18th birthday and the theme is Mexican festive so I’ve bought some red type accessories. I will try and have a good time. I hope we all do.


My husband has finished his present: $180 welded into a piece of pipe, with an accompanying hacksaw. Sort of like a hellish piñata. Just to be fair, he tried sawing through the pipe with a hacksaw and reported back it took him half an hour. I am fairly sure it will amuse everybody except the birthday boy!



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