In other, wtf, news

My younger brother lives overseas. Since my elder brother has had this awful terminal diagnosis, younger bro has made a few trips out here. He has always brought his Singaporean wife.


They (and their girls) were planning on coming out at Christmas; if my brother makes it that far, it will be the last family Christmas we have as siblings. It’s important, in other words.


But getting my SIL’s visa approval for this third visit, this year, has been hard. In the end. my mother and stepfather had to agree to vouch for her. That she would come out here and she would go back on the designated date. Ok, Australia is a little paranoid about illegal immigrants and we understand that: they guaranteed that she would fly that airline ticket home on the right date, or they would have to face repercussions.

But it is the repercussions that make me go ‘wtf?’

If my sister-in-law doesn’t make that flight out, then the family pets will be seized. Yep, my mother’s dog and cat will be taken away from her.


I am trying to look into this further. Is there a miscommunication somewhere? I can’t believe the Australian government would demand that or even enforce it.



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