I don’t blog much these days, due to being on the road a lot. It’s very rare that I have both the ability to (way out in the remotelands) and the time. If I have the time, then I am putting it towards an online university course. Also, most tours are just repeats of experiences and boring for others, no matter how interesting I find them.

But certain things are memorable, which is why I am writing today.


Currently I am in Cairns, enjoying a few days break after an exhausting start to the year. The company flew my husband in, rather than me go home, and I am relishing the downtime with him on holiday. Next trip starts in four days: two weeks up to Cape York.


The last trip I completed was a sixteen day desert trip, entitled ‘The longest shortcut’; from Perth to Cairns, through the red centre. It was an almost full vehicle, with 25 passengers on board, including two parent/adult child couples. One was a lovely older gentleman with his daughter and the other a mother with her daughter, from the UK. Daughter in this situation means in their forties in both cases.


The English one had never done a camping trip before, although her mother had, and she had to be introduced to a lot of new things, including flies, heat and dirt. Oh, and the art of bush peeing, without access to toilets or paper. Several ladies, including myself, gave her graphic dry run demonstrations and it was very amusing.


This woman was a typical English rose, both in appearance and comfort level, and I admired her determination to enjoy herself in spite of being way out of her familiar zone. We got on really well and I liked her a lot.


She also got on well with my male driver partner, B. Too well, in my opinion. I could see she had developed a massive crush on him and I wasn’t surprised. This happens a lot on tour. The males in this industry are very, very competent and their mechanical skills added to the leadership role, gives them a position of authority, which is really attractive to females. Added to that, the different lifestyle that being on vacation means and regular standards seem to go out of the window. Mostly, they can pick and choose who they want to share their bed with absolutely no further effort at all.


In 25 years of touring, I’ve only known three guys who remain faithful to at home partners, including B. (For some reason it doesn’t happen that female leaders get the same hero worship so not really an issue for us.)


I warned B. I told him at the start that she was majorly crushing on him and he dismissed it. He likes women and he relates well to them on a teasing level but he doesn’t ever consider long term ramifications. He didn’t believe me until the second last night, when we were in Cairns. A few of the group, including myself, were sipping wine around the pool and gradually peeled off to bed. She patiently outlasted everybody else until she was alone with him and then told him how she’d fallen for him and wanted to be with him.


(He told me all this the next morning)


I asked what he’d said to her, knowing that clueless him would have been blindsided in spite of my warnings. I thought it very funny right up until he told me that in rejecting her, he’d used the excuse that I would be jealous and that it wouldn’t be fair to sleep with her when it really should be me, if he was that type of person. Fucking what?!


Basically, he left her with the impression that the only thing barring her love being fulfilled was me!

A) it’s not true (we have a great working relationship but that is all; we are both married and faithful types and I have no unfulfilled hankerings for him)


B) I am not the jealous type, even if that was the case.


So for the next two days I had to deal with this woman shooting barbed glances at me and being extremely rude. I didn’t make an issue out of it because it would have stirred up more drama but it was very uncomfortable. All due to an obtuse male.

I’ve told him that I’m making up a flow chart for future situations! And/or flash cards!

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1 Response to Funny

  1. Snowy says:

    I had to smile at your comments re the love lorn one. We men are rather thick, it is true. I trust that you’ll be retaliating in some way – say, sprinkling pepper on his undies in the clothes drier, or such like..

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