Of course I remember you from [previous tour]! 

I haven’t a clue who you are from the crowd. Frankly, you all dress the same and you all have the same hairstyle: sorry if I’ve accidentally called you ‘mum’. 

To be totally honest, unless you’ve done something spectacularly bad or good, I’m not going to remember you between trips.


I remember the guy that put his hand on my backside.

And the guy who wanted me to wash his shorts.

And the lady who pissed her pants and her mattress.

I also remember the lady who put on expensive perfume every night after her shower: I use very expensive soap on camping trips so we bonded. It makes you feel wonderful to go to bed smelling so good and being clean after the dirt ridden day.

I remember the gorgeous family of six who loved my tour so much that they’ve been in contact every since. I call them friends now and we recently caught up in Broome for dinner. Very special people.

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