Blogging doesn’t happen so much these days

I don’t update my blog much at all. Maybe a post every 3 months. Part of this excuse is that I’ve mainly used the blog to vent on, at times of trouble; the other part of it is that it became a much more commercial exercise and I felt in the forest. Either way, when I’m reasonably content, I don’t ride.o, finger sitoday]]



My writing was never that great but it was the best catharsis I could ever have had, way back when. Just when the internet was starting, my then husband encouraged me to write a blog to vent my feelings (I’m extrapolating here but I suspect this encouragement had everything to do with wanting me to be less dependant on him because he really didn’t like any emotional issues and wanted somebody else to deal with it. Or he wanted to catch me out with somebody else.)


I did make a blog. I randomly connected with a group of strangers that were fairly local (in the same country at least!) and we became a tightknit group. I think that we had all signed up for a certain Australian internet provider because they offered bargain internet and we just randomly bumped into each other.

Started talking, started empathising, started supporting. Pretty soon we all felt that  we had the tightest bond and we were only a supportive keyboard away from each other. Tina was the main mover and shaker in our group. I can’t honestly remember if Tina or CC made the main chat room happen but it did and it was a lovely sleazy cocktail lounge, with lots of options for private rooms.

There was a standing date for cocktails on Fridays and all this meant was a fixed time in front of your computer, with your beverage of choice. We’d live group chat for hours on msn back then. It made me so happy to have a group accept me as I truly am

I left my marriage, exploded and seized, and was supported all the way


Nothing bad ever happened between us to sour that contact.


Except Trainman. Oh God, Trainman. He got to join the group because he was local (i.e. lived somewhere within the nearest 768 685 000 kms) but he’d just stumbled upon us randomly and he (in retrospective) turned out to be one of the classic frontier internet sleazebags.

He used to regularly online chat with all of us females in the group and we were so anxious to be welcoming and polite that we never even noticed it was just girls. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, right up until he sent copies of his sex novel to all of us females and wanted feedback. Specific reviews, that inquired if it made us wet reading it.

In a wonderful accidental synchronicity, he once got exactly the same response almost simultaneously from every female in the group. That it didn’t make any of us wet and we weren’t quite sure why he even thought that was okay to ask. I personally just got a very real sense of creepy.

We put up with Trainman for a long time before he slinked away for devotee time with his favourite alternative sites.

But the rest of us stayed in touch sporadically. It became more and more sporadic over the years as time got in the way and technology became more specific. There was interacting in real time, online love, and so much laughter


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One Response to Blogging doesn’t happen so much these days

  1. Brad (Griff) says:

    Good times, even through the bad hey ❤

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