Luck or serendipity?

Currently I am going through the process of paperwork and legalities for the business that my partner and myself are starting. It is tedious (and expensive!) and sometimes I feel daunted at the prospect of attaining the results I want.

I’ve never run or operated a business before and sometimes I get a bit panicky when I see how enormous the task is. But then I remind myself that we want to build it slowly because we want to get it right so that it is sustainable. I try to break it down to  small bits, which I know I can accomplish and eventually, I suppose, those small bits conglomerate and it will be achieved.

What we are planning to do has taken a slightly different slant. Still niche touring, though. It seems foolish not to pursue an opportunity right in front of you. Other tours can come later on: this is our way into the market and the way it will differentiate our company from the others.

I was away on tour last weekend: a 3 day camping trip with students from the university. By all rights, I should have been home for the Sunday family brunch that I organised (such a bad wife, daughter, step daughter, friend etc) but I find it very hard to say no to work right now because I need the money. I didn’t envisage the contacts  we would make or how important that weekend would turn out to be.

Almost everywhere we went there was somebody qualified to do what we want, in all different areas. What’s more, they wanted us as a company infrastructure probably equally as much as we wanted/needed them as experts.

And they all knew other people to facilitate the process and it mostly turned out that I knew those other people already, or my partner did, and both of us have excellent reputations in the touring business. I’ve built up my worth and goodwill over 20 years and it is paying out right now.

There’s a new international airport opening up near to where we plan to do the tours. From Asia to here is six hours or so. Potential market there. Also great for other international travellers.

Literally everybody we have spoken to about this venture has given their enthusiastic support. If it goes as we hope, next year might be the last year I work for somebody else.

In the meantime, though, I get tired just thinking about next year and its demands!

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