And so it goes

It has been a horrible few days.

We are still in Canada but leaving soon and it is really hard. I want to be here (because my daughter broke her leg,horribly) but I want to be home (because another extended family member just died from cancer).

Either way, I can’t do it. The airfares are non-refundable outside of immediate family death. And probably not even then but it would help with minimising costs.


I feel sick when I think about my daughter’s accident. It was so unexpected.

I’d been staying with her for a few days, just hanging out. My husband was staying with his family in their mountain lodge; her boyfriend works at a resort around an hour’s drive away. We had all planned to meet up together at the boyfriend’s resort and husband and I were going to take them out to a really lavish dinner that night and then my girl, husband and I were going skiing together at a really cool place with his family the next day, after staying at the lodge all together.

Daughter and I took the bus from Banff to Lake Louise and met husband up there by pre-arrangement in the afternoon. We were walking down the path to the carpark, to put our bags in the car, and she slipped on a non-visual icy patch in the (gritted) path. She screamed and screamed as she landed and I knew immediately her leg was broken because I heard it snap.

There was an awful hour wait for an ambulance to come, kneeling in the snow around her and holding her leg up. Passerbys were so helpful and donated rugs, coats and sleeping bags to keep her warm. There was a paramedic literally walking in front of us, who stopped to help. (I knew what to do and was starting to do it but when he offered, i gratefully accepted; my child needed my emotional support more.)


She’s a tough cookie and kept her complaints to a minimum. The entenox mask in the back of the ambulance had her immediately laughing but I wasn’t surprised to find that the x-rays showed a shin, top of the foot and ankle break, as well as a dislocation. They admitted her to hospital that night, relocated the leg and organised surgery for the next day.

Her insurance company tried to make her fly back to Australia for surgery because it was cheaper (they phrased it as ‘non-emergent’); it appears to be the default option so you have to get a doctor to say it is urgent. Which it was: she was losing blood circulation in her foot, let alone the pain level.

Anyway, the next day was the worst, before surgery. So much pain for her: they ended up bumping her to the top of the surgery list because of it. She had an epidural with twilight sedation but the epidural had unpleasant side effects and it was hard for her after.

Husband and I did a lot of running around, sorting out insurance, buying clothes for her to fit over the cast, getting prescriptions filled and organising her stuff so that she could stay with her boyfriend a while (he lives up two flights of stairs as opposed to four).

She came back from surgery with a nice purple cast and a pair of crutches. When she was released my husband drove her up to BF’s place, after we cleaned out her apartment and packed up things. I knew things were getting better when she felt ok enough to be snappy with me!

I’d called all the members of my immediate family to tell them because I knew they’d want to know; being away from people doesn’t mean that you aren’t wanting to be involved, as I know to my cost.  Only to hear that my sister-in-law’s dad was seriously ill and, again, nobody had told me.

SIL and my nephews came back early from their overseas trip. The trip that was meant to distract them from the fact that my brother had died just a year ago. Her father died last night. We can’t get home in time for the funeral.

I am just so, so sad for her, for the boys, for us, for the whole family again. It has beena tough week.





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