Making me giggle in the middle of the night

Busy five days, with lots of meetings in the process of getting the business up and running. It did’t hurt that I’d previously worked with a lot of these people before, in the field of conservation, and they mostly remembered me.


They all asked after my father though, and one recalled last seeing him at an airport with a patch over his eye (it was damaged and disfigured). Probably it was unprofessional to ask if he was wearing a parrot on his shoulder (he frequently did) but it might have been even more unprofessional to assure the colleague that he saved parrot wearing for special occasions, such as bemusing small children and winning all the fancy dress competitions.

Looking back, I found it typical as hell for someone out of our family so probably why I was very matter of fact about it. But it made me laugh so hard.

I miss my dad a lot.

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