How much do I really want this?

I had some sort of idea about the amount of backwork required to set up my own tour company but I wasn’t very realistic. All of the process take a very long time, nothing is straightforward ‘you need to do this, this and this’ and any online effort invariably leads to dead website links.


Plus, it feels like I am giving so much money away, all of the time, with no tangible results. That isn’t a problem in of itself as I’ve saved specifically for startup costs, but when your first potential income isn’t for months ahead yet you need to start licencing programs NOW to make that a legal happening, there is an huge cash outlay with nothing guaranteed.


I want to make this work, I believe it is a viable business model (we already have our first booked and confirmed tour) but I am not prepared to outlay any non-existent funds.  If I can’t fund it from current earnings, then I won’t use my family assets to do so. If this fails, it fails within the business structure and my husband, house, superannuation and potential kid inheritances are not involved.

I am away next week for the start of a really busy season with my main employer; there is  a period coming up where I work 70 days straight. Good money accumulation but no time to pursue my own business. I can expect this for at least the next two years, I think. Starting up a tourism business is expensive and most people can’t afford to just concentrate on a business that won’t break even for a while. I am more cautious than most and I won’t leave guaranteed income for a speculative one unless the figures show that I can afford to do so.


All of these necessary steps seem like a sort of test – how much do I really want this and am I prepared to go through all of the legal and financial requirements to make it happen? I do want it and I will work through this. It might take a little bit longer to make a sustainable long term operation but it will be worth it.



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3 Responses to How much do I really want this?

  1. Brad (Griff) says:

    Big decision hey. I hope the gods smile upon you because you would be an awesome operator.

  2. quirkycharm says:

    It’s definitely happening and I truly think that I’ve identified a niche market that will prove sustainable long term (I privately refer to it as guilt tourism) but I want to do it right for the long term and that means having enough financial support from my current job to support the undoubted loss of the first two years.

    BTW, where are you now? I am wandering over your way in April, for a fairly long stint over in the east. I would love to meet up if we can make it happen.

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