Bit by bit; little by little…

Our first tour (requested by an Australian branch of a world wide famous organisation, as a specialist design tour) has just filled up! And by filled up, I mean we have 20 people who have paid deposits to tour and we have opened up a waiting list. There is cash money in the bank and we will make a profit, above and beyond wages, on this trip.

Of course, profit means that we can build up a business reserve and maybe start paying ourselves back a bit for all the up front startup costs, rather than lots of money to go in the personal account, but it is a very positive thing.

Our first exclusive celebrity wildflower tour hasn’t even been advertised yet and we have already filled 2 out of the 12 spots, just through groupies. There is a second, slightly longer one planned, and I’m hoping this will be as well received.

So much for October’s tours. We are currently planning November and further on.

I just got in last night at 2.30 a.m. from the East coast and I have nearly two weeks of down time. I’m glad of it because it is so hard to run a business when you are already working 16 hour days for somebody else and in remote locations with no phone or internet.

It feels really cold back on the west coast though, after the warmth of the tropic rainforests! Next trip is Cairns to Broome along the top and I am seriously debating bringing along the red flannel underwear I bought in Canada over Christmas, as it is a camping tour! The trip after that is through the Tanami Desert and I seriously might bring along my camping fur coat – it gets below zero at night out there and I sleep in a swag.

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