Home soon, I hope

I need to go out to the desert, away from people. This has been a month of forced interaction in a city and so many people that I have to talk to.

I don’t currently live in the desert but I get to go back a lot and it makes me so happy. It feels like the place I am most myself and it feels like coming home every time.

I have no idea why. I was born in a different desert continent (left when I was two) and maybe there are residual memories? Maybe it is the wide expanse of nothingness and the lack of people (I am a serious introvert)?

Experiencing the dusky violet hues of a desert sunset or the rose gold blush of coming dawn, in silent contemplation feels like a gift. Even middle of the day fiery heat or ice cold nights don’t have enough discomfort to make it not worth while.

And, oh the stars! Under a clear desert sky, miles away from any light pollution, you feel like you could reach up and pluck those glittery diamonds from the roof above you. I actually wake up just to stay awake or a while and gaze.

Maybe I like the way it makes me feel so insignificant in the whole grand scheme of things.

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