Did I mention how much I hate begging?

Asking amongst our family feels like begging. I wrote an email:

Dear family who love our girl as much as I do,

As you know, the last year has been a horrible time for her, health wise. The last six weeks have been the worst of her life. An incredibly urgent surgery, with little time to come to terms with the reality of needing it, severe complications; a second surgery, more complications…it has been so very hard on her.
We nearly lost her, twice, and her physical health will take months to recover; her mental health much longer. She has been in hospital weeks beyond the usual requirement for this type of surgery is 6 – 7 days hospitalisation. She is incredibly weak and very depressed.
As you may or may not know, I flew out to Calgary as soon as it became clear that surgery was required and I’ve been at her side every day for as long as I could. The head doctor wanted her to stay in Calgary another three to four weeks before even attempting to fly home but has agreed with me that her mental state is such she might well heal faster if she is home. He will let her fly but only if I travel with her and only if she can travel reclining i.e. business class. 
I’ve written to Air Canada and asked for a business class upgrade from economy for her, on compassionate grounds but they don’t particularly care. A business class ticket (for her, not for me – I’ll go economy) will cost around $7000 (edit: actually turned out to be almost $8000). Other airlines might do it for cheaper but I already have my ticket with Air Canada and can’t afford another ticket elsewhere and she can’t travel without me.
I am asking if you can help contribute to help bring our girl home? She’s your daughter, your grand-daughter, your niece, your cousin…she’s your family and family help each other out.
Please let me know how much you can help with.
etc etc
My family stepped up so amazingly but the other side have totally ignored the situation. At least her dad helped but I don’t know if he even asked his family and I was too scared of losing ANY contribution of his to ask him or hassle them, even if I had contact details. Which I don’t.
Trouble is most of his family live around where I do. I do randomly bump into them. We’ve always had civil chats and I’ve always been genuinely fond of my ex FIL. Civil isn’t probably going to be the ongoing tone, sadly.
I guess the only thing worse than begging is being turned down for said begging.
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