Had to move blog sites yet again! I’ve done this a lot over the last few years. Initially, it was because my ex hacked into all my accounts and pretended to be me, then it was me trying to start a new life and not wanting to hurt him in the process, then it was me getting sick of his need to keep tabs on me. Then the site I used went bust and then, just recently, so did another one. In between there were blogs that are so raw with pain I can’t even bear to revisit them. Does time ease the loss? I hope so but it hasn’t so far; in spite of the good facade I erect these days, I still bleed inside.

About me? I’ve done some bad things, some unusual things, some things I am ashamed of and some things that make me feel so happy still when I recall them. I will never claim to be a good person and I don’t really like children, loathe bad language skills (written and spoken) and spend far too much money on people I care about.

I am very good at my job (tour guide), of average appearance (middle aged, short and fat), and love passionately or not at all (my daughters and my family, my current and past boyfriends, husbands and lovers).

I am a total hedonist and I would make oysters and champagne a daily breakfast, given the limitations imposed by my finances, my job and the advice of those more sensible. I don’t like dogs, music, chocolate or bigots.
I am a fantastic liar, if necessary. And necessary means to not hurt somebody else, not to pursue my own advantages. Or maybe just for humour.
I am clean but not groomed; intelligent and opinionated but not pushy.

In my life, I loved you more.


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