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It has been a bad few days

I am not on tour. I don’t know when I will be on tour. I was all ready to go and then, four hours before I did my first bit of official work, I managed to snap the tendon of … Continue reading

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I am supremely happy in my later-life marriage but sometimes I think of the people who came before him and mostly, when I do, I think of the man who was my first husband. I was with him for such … Continue reading

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Our Christmas camping holiday, part 4

We had arrived late afternoon, with just enough daylight left to set up camp. Come dusk and there was a hubbub of noise from so many little birds all around the area; I couldn’t identify the species but they were … Continue reading

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I got asked an interesting question the other day

Perhaps the question itself wasn’t so interesting but my reaction, and my thoughts about other people’s thoughts on the subject were definitely interesting, in that a new point of view suddenly became a possibility to me. I was asked what … Continue reading

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