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Ah, no!

I got an email today from my (immediate) ex-company, asking if I could work Saturday. It came from the Operations Manager, the one who I gave LOTS of notice to (instead of the one day legally required which I should … Continue reading

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I was annoyed last night

I am still annoyed today but I am calmer about it. To be clear: I know they have a perfect right to not keep me on but the company owner specifically asked me to give a long lead time when … Continue reading

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Really tired

I did boot camp this mornig, worked a 10.5 hour day and then went to see my dad at the hospital. This is what I wrote to family: They found an abcess, where the diseased kidney had been and drained … Continue reading

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Still feeling better

I am not liking this splint thing much, I  must say. The doctor was very firm about it; said that I had to wear it for a week or risk permanently damaging the knee. It doesn’t actually mend anything, it … Continue reading

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